The Race(s)

Okay, okay.  I know I said I’d post Pinewood Derby results here yesterday, but time got away from me.  Give me a break… I actually got to go out on a date (dinner and a movie!) with my hubby last night.  First time in a loooooooonnnnnggggg time.  I’d like to thank Brooke for babysitting the Frightening Four… Dan for taking me… the makers of Shutter Island for a great movie… the owners of 100 South for a wonderful meal… and my kids for being relatively well behaved.

But, I digress…  Back to the Derby.

Jack KICKED BUTT, making it to 7th place out of 42 cars.  He raced so well that we were there for the entire THREE HOURS of racing (except for the part where we dropped Maria at a birthday party.)  The Little Boys had a blast rooting for Jack’s car and Jack was quite proud up until he was eliminated.  Then, unfortunately, there were some tears.  But, hey, it was tense and he is only 7.  Never have the second grade Cub Scouts been so focused during an event.  And never have so many dads shown up :-)


some of the competition

speeding in at first place

speeding in at first place

on a roll

on a roll

exit interview

exit interview

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  1. Alexandra says:

    We’re racing this Wednesday. This year they opened it up to anyone who wanted to race. I’m taking it tomorrow to have it weighed… I think I might be more excited that the boys around here. Pictures to come soon.

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