The Kiss

A couple of weeks ago, Dan and I left his parents with ALL of our children, and flew out to California to see my sister get married.

Of course, I didn’t post about it while I was gone because a) It’s much harder to type when each hand is holding a beer; and b) I wouldn’t want anyone to get wind of us being gone.  (It would be almost effortless to walk in and steal our computer, for example, while the kids had Grandma and Grandpa tied up in the basement.)

The day after we returned, the kids started school and so started the complete and utter chaos (of a different variety that was experienced during the summer months) that is my life.  Hence, I’m just now posting about the weekend away from the kids wedding.

The weather, of course, was perfect.  (Which is why, I think, my sister never comes to visit me in Chicagoland.)

The perfectly manicured backyard was literally glowing – with tiny little white lights along the fence – as was my sister.  Never did I see her without a very wide, joyful smile on her face.

Following her twin sister and niece, our father walked her up the aisle to Train’s “Marry Me.”

And, he did.

Despite our flying off to the glamorous West Coast for the weekend, my kids didn’t really ask for anything.  Except for Lukie: “Will you bring back a picture of The Kiss?” He asked me.  He even asked about it when I spoke with him on the phone before coming home.  “Did you get the picture?”

I did.

I know… I figured that wouldn’t cut it, either.  So, I was sure to get another one:

And they’ll live happily ever after!

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  1. Maggie says:

    Awww… What a sweet story… :-)

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