The Hits

Last night I slept better than I have in quite some time – despite the stress, the pull-out couch, the cramped quarters, etc.

Until 2 a.m. When Cheerio licked Dan in the face and he woke me, demanding I take “my dog” out. I tried to pull the, “you’re going to send me, your wife, out in the dark night by herself in this dangerous world?” bit, but it didn’t work. I took her out. She peed.

Five minutes after I was snuggled back into bed, she started whining again. And again. And again. Back out we went, where she had the squirts. Yuck. Just what we need. Four kids, two adults and a dog in a hotel room isn’t enough. Someone has to have the squirts.

This morning, I had to take Sam for his yearly check up. Since Dan went into work at 3 a.m. – after not being able to get back to sleep – he was able to come back and help me juggle the kids.

Dan dropped Sam and me at the doc and with time to kill until Jack and Maria’s reading class, he took the other three to the park. Brilliant. I had suggested donuts. But, no, he took them to the park. Which might have been a good idea. If there hadn’t been a mud puddle for Jack to fall into 10 minutes before his reading class.

Dan stripped Jack of his shorts, rinsed them off using the leaking spigot (the same one that that had caused the mud puddle) and then dried them on the way to class using the car heater on max. (I probably would have hung them out the window, which was also Jack’s thought, but apparently the heater worked well enough).

With Jack and Maria in class, Dan and Luke came back to the doctor’s office to get Sam and me. Back to the hotel we went, where we dropped Dan at his car, and then I took the Little Boys and Cheerio back to get Jack and Maria from class and head to the vet…

…where the kids were louder than every (other) animal in the place. (Personally, I think the dog has the squirts due to stress. )

Armed with an anti-diahrreal and parasite killer (sorry, Cheerio, no Xanax), we headed back to the hotel. On the way I talked to Dan. Unfortunately.

Apparently, his boss isn’t too thrilled with the number of people she’s losing and the delay that will occur before replacements come in. Which means she may not let Dan leave for ANOTHER MONTH.

Now, I know we’re just moving from one hotel here in Tennessee to another in Chicago, but H-E-L-L-O! School starts in one month. And, um, the hotel up there is WAY bigger than the one down here.

The perfect house? The one that we didn’t get ’cause it already had an offer on it? Well, to make a long story short, there was a contengency on it, so we were able to throw our own offer on the table. Things were looking up…

Until the sellers took the house off the market.

The hits just keep on coming. And it’s only 12:52.

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