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I will surivive… maybe

I’m still here. So are all the children. And Dan. The packers showed up this morning, along with the washer/dryer-disconnect guy. I wonder if all the women give him the evil eye? I mean, how can I have had all … Continue reading

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The House…

Appraisers, inspectors, and bankers, OH MY! So far, so good on the house. Of course, we still have no where to go…

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The Office

As you know from my “Sold!” post yesterday, our afternoon ended on a positive note. The day, however, did not start out quite so successfully. I guess I’m going to have to stop drinking my stress away in the evenings … Continue reading

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Okay, well maybe “sold” is a little strong yet.  But, a contract has been signed! Um… we have to be out of our house three weeks from today. And we have nowhere to go. Scary.

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The Move That Won’t Budge

I feel like smashing something. I have all of this nervous, pent-up energy and no where to go with it. But, if I start throwing things, my kids will think it’s a free-for-all and then we’ll never be able to … Continue reading

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Moving has got to be one of the more stressful things you go through as a family.  Or, maybe it’s not moving. Moving in itself is hard — even for those who like change and are very organized, I would … Continue reading

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