First day back from Spring Break.  We didn’t quite have it together.

#4 couldn’t find a good pair of pants.  And then couldn’t find the right socks.  Sister and Gran tried to help.  Not good enough.

#2 didn’t want to eat ANYthing

#1 put soap on #2’s toothbrush

#5 fed the dog his cereal (after eating all the marshmallows himself, of course)

#3 was obsessed with the human gastrointestinal tract

#1 couldn’t fit into his pants (which were the right pants and fit a week ago!!!)

Finally, on the verge of lateness, as I was buckling the baby into his car seat, the car alarm sounded.  BEEP!  BEEP! BEEP!  BEEP!  I scrambled around, putting the key into the door  (BEEP!  BEEP! BEEP!  BEEP! ), putting the key into the ignition (BEEP!  BEEP! BEEP!  BEEP! ), hitting the panic button on my key fob (BEEP!  BEEP! BEEP!  BEEP! ).  Nothing worked!!!  The kids went crazy (what great fun to wake the neighborhood this way!)

It dawned on me, finally, that it was the OTHER car whose alarm was sounding.  I hit the button and was rewarded with blessed silence (from the car, not the kids).

Down the street we sped.  I couldn’t get the kids out of the van fast enough.

As I drove home, Andrew tried to tell me something.  Louder and louder he got as he became more and more frustrated.  “Buuuhhhh,” he said.  “Buuuuhhhhh!!!” he wailed.  As I pulled into the driveway and looked at him over my shoulder, I realized what he was trying to tell me.  “Buckle.” I hadn’t finished buckling him!  I guess I had snapped the chest strap but was interrupted by the car alarm before completing the buckling process.  Thank goodness we only live a few blocks from school.

And thank goodness school is back in session.

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THERAPY. That's the reason for the blog. I am a SAHM with five little ones (hence the blog name). I love it...usually right up until about 5:30 in the afternoon, when all of my children turn into trolls.
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